Miley Jab Hum Tum is a show that is being currently aired from Monday to friday on STAR One, a television channel in India. It is a story of six college friends from diverse backgrounds. The show premièred on STAR One on September 22, 2008 and has since become extremely popular.


Known for wildly popular teenage serials like DMG and Remix, Star One has added yet another feather in the cap in the form of MJHT.It deals with the eventful and romantic college lives of six people-Gunjan, Nupur, Dia, Mayank, Samrat and Uday.(source:Telly GossipMiley Jab Hum Tum is set in Excel College. It's filled with the coolest and richest kids of Mumbai. Diya and gang are the most popular ones in college. They don't care much about studies but just want to have fun and be cool but Diya smells trouble when she finds out that two of her small town cousins- Nupur and Gunjan are arriving. She feels their arrival will effect her cool image and tries to get rid of them.

Whether the girls will find a place in Excel College and in the hearts of the heartthrobs of the college,Mayank and Samrat, forms the rest of the story.

This series presents a spectacular journey for all driving down the lanes of the first love, heartbreak, dreams, and ambitions. It is a glimpse into what lies ahead on the road yet to be taken. Samrat eventually falls for Gunjan, and Mayank for Nupur Later in the serial, it is shown that Nupur's aunty sends a boy from Indore to Mumbai, named Adhiraj a.k.a Bablu, for her to get married. But she is in relationship with Mayank! This leads to a lot of confusion. There's also a new NRI entrant in Excel, Suhaani, who is actually Samrat's younger sister, and who tells everyone that her name is Nupur, which makes Adhiraj think that she is the Nupur he has come to meet. This results in Adhiraj falling in love with Suhaani a.k.a Nupur.On 12 december there was a mega epiode for 1 and a half hours which also had Dill Mill Gayye.Mayank and Nupur gets married to each other, with her fathers approval but his anger has made him take a decision that is hurtful to all which is disowning Nupur after her marriage with Mayank.

First Season Storyline

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The first season follows the lives of surgical interns and resident doctors of Sanjeevani. The show starts off with introduction of 5 interns Dr. Armaan Mallik, Dr. Riddhima Gupta, Dr. Anjali Gupta, Dr. Atul Joshi, and Dr. Sapna Shah. armaan and riddima start to fall in love after numerous fights and bets, atul falls in love with anjali who is rizz's sister. during this time riddhama finds out that she is adopted and that dr.shashank isen't her biological father, sister padama is her real mother and due to some problems she coulsn't keep riddhama. things continue on and more cute and funny, and sad things happen armaan and rizz (kash) fight alot Then When Dr. Sapna Shah Gets Married 3 new Interns Enter: Dr.Rahul Garewal,Dr.Muskaan Chaddha, and Dr Nikita Malhotra. Dr. Shashank continues to play an important role in this sequel of Sanjivani as the head of the hospital and father of riddhima and anjali. Dr.abhimaniu mody comes into the show and the show excelarates on, he ends up liking riddhima and nikki who is armaans best friend from collage likes armaan but nothing happens and abi and nikki fall in love they don't admit it for a long time and alot of misunderstandings but in the end they end up togeather. just before the end of season one armaaan gets into a accident due to some fight of his with riddhima, where armaan loses hes memory and dosen't remember anything except that he is just arriving at sanjeevani for his intership. armaan ends up not liking rizz but after a while he starts loving riddhima and remembers everything again. At the end of season 1 a shoot out takes place in the hospital in which Dr.Riddhimma gets shot trying to help Dr. Armaan from getting shot and he bangs his head on a table. None of the stories get a resolution abhi's wife shows up with a cut wrist, and almost all the old characters suddenly disappear from the show without any clear ending.

Second Season Storyline

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After six month leap after the shootout 5 new interns enter while one of the old interns Nikita becomes resident doctor and Atul fails and has to repeat his internship. He hides this fact from the new interns out of embarrassment, but he soon reveals it. He then passes his retest and becomes a doctor. The rest of the interns have passed internship and are no longer in Sanjeevani. The second season introduces 5 new interns : Dr. Siddhant Modi, Dr. Tamanna Patil, Dr. Naina Mehta, Dr. Yuvraj Singh and Dr. Jitendra Prasad. Dr. Yuvraj Singh comes to Sanjeevani only to take revenge on Dr.Shashank as the opearation he performed on Yuvraj's brother causes coma. He uses Dr. Naina to take revenge on Dr.Shashank and acts that he is in love with her while she really falls in love with him. Dr.Siddhant Modi aka Sid develops feelings for Dr.Tamanna while she just treats him as a good friend. Sid later understands that its just infatuation between him and Dr.Tamanna. Tamanna gets engaged and leaves Sanjeevani with her fiance and goes to Canada. Dr. Riddhima Gupta returns to Sanjeevani(re-entry date: 01-01-2010) on the day of the re-opening of the old building of Sanjeevani, where the shoot-out had taken place in the Ist Season. On the same day her father(Dr.Shashank) is severely injured in an accident which was planned by Yuvraj to take revenge on Dr.Shashank. Yuvraj later understands that he was acting like a fool and Dr.Shashank is the not the reason for his brother's coma. Meanwhile when he regrets for his act and also starts realizing that he truly loves Naina. Naina wants to accept Yuvarjs love but is scared that he might dump her again. Riddhima initially plans not to work in Sanjeevani as she is being troubled by her past but later decides to join Sanjeevani to fight her past.Within this plot the mystery of the disappearance of the old interns will be revealed.